It’s all really simple…

Weekly inclusive offline internetworking meetings.

Everyone is welcome.
Wherever you are. Whoever you are.
When you can/want.
For free, only cost is the food you eat.
Every week.


LunchIn™ was started 2017.06.15. One year later 2018.06.15 we had 160 groups in 33 countries.

One year of 2 500 offline meetings creating synergy from #positivenergy when 40 000 people met and philosophized, discussed, contemplated and evolved, TOGETHER, while LunchIn™

We are aiming for 5000 groups by 2023.

Everyone shall have a LunchIn™ group and possibility to enjoy the #positivenergy and networking at walking distance when they can/want.

Remember that everyone is welcome everywhere. This means that you can go LunchIn and network anywhere you travel as well.

Welcome! Whenever you cant/want.
Stress is forbidden.
Relaxed people build relationships better.
Relationships are business.
Longterm business.

Couldn’t find a group in your area?

We are always open for group requests at [email protected] or applications for becoming an ambassador for a group at [email protected]

Let’s go LunchIn™!


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