Email notifications

Thank you for being a part of LunchIn™!

Now, just one important thing before you go ahead and internetwork with everyone:

YOU decide what you want to receive from us.

The email notifications from LunchIn™ regarding your profile are off by default.

You can change these settings easily by visiting your profile, choosing settings and choosing Email notifications.

Email notifications from the groups you are a member of is on by default.

You can change these settings easily in the groups list or in the group itself.

Now, have yourself a siteseeing, you can for example start with finding the groups you want to be a part of through the Groups directory and/or the Groups locations map and/or take a look at the Meetings calendar and/or internetwork with everyone in the Global stream and of course…

don’t forget to go LunchIn™ offline!

That’s where the real magic happens!

One more thing!

LunchIn is = offline internetworking / LinkedIn is = online internetworking.

Share your profile as a direct link for easy connection and continued online internetworking:

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