User Agreement Policy

User Agreement Policy

This user agreement policy / general terms and conditions have been established 2018-04-05 by LunchIn Networks AB 559133-5756.

1. General

These General Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) and any other documents referred to by the Terms (together the “Agreements”) govern the terms of your agreement (“Member”, “You”, “Yours”) and LunchIn Networks AB 559133-5756 (“LunchIn™”, “we” or “us”) (individually “and” together “the parties”) regarding your use of the LunchIn™ group intranet (“the Service”).

By signing up and using the Service, you certify that you have read and understood, are bound by and understand the meaning of the rights and obligations covered by the Agreement.

2. Contract

You agree to the Agreement by signing up, access or use our services as described below and hereby agree to enter into a legally binding contract with LunchIn™ (even if you use our Services on behalf of a company).

Your use of our Services is also governed by our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

(Cookie policy: LunchInTM (LunchIn Networks AB 559133-5756) places cookies for functional purposes on your computer or device when you visit our web pages and the group intranet. You can determine the extent to which cookies are allowed or prohibited by the settings on your computer (usually in your browser, such as Internet Explorer). LunchInTM assumes that you approve cookies placed on your computer if your browser is set to allow them.)

3. Service

LunchIn™ offers the Service in the form of a platform for networking and booking lunch meetings as well as the distribution of various discount offers that are reached by visiting the benefits gallery.

4. Special Terms

In the event that special conditions differ from the Terms, the special conditions shall take precedence. All terms must be in writing to be valid.

5. Amendment of the agreement

LunchIn™ reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement at any time and add new or additional terms for your use of the Service. You will receive notice pursuant to paragraph 6 regarding the changes, which are deemed to be approved by your continued use of the Service.

6. Messages

Notices to you and information about the Service are primarily provided to you via e-mail and via LunchIn™s homepage. LunchIn™ reserves the right to inform you by post. When e-mailed, the message is deemed to be delivered at the time of shipment and by post the next workday.

7. Reference

Through the use of the Service, online as well as participation in the meetings, you confirm that information about you may be used for marketing purposes. When using your logo, LunchIn™ will follow your current branding guidelines. This may involve the publication of photos of you, your name or logo on the LunchIn™ website, group intranet or social media.

8. Intellectual Property Rights and Licenses

8.1. Immaterial rights

The service and its content, including but not limited to texts, template documents, images, layouts, logos, source codes (commonly referred to as “Content”) and related rights (such as copyright, trademark protection and patents, whether registered or not) by or licensed to LunchIn™ or its affiliates and suppliers. The agreements does not mean that any of these rights are transferred to you.

It is not permitted, unless otherwise agreed in a separate agreement with LunchIn™, to partially or completely copy, modify, reproduce, reuse, make available, share, transfer, process, translate, use to create processed works, sell, transfer, sublicense, or otherwise dispose of or take any action other than normal use regarding the Service or its Content.

You may not decompile or disassemble the Service without the express consent of LunchIn™, except in cases specifically specified by law.


Others intellectual property rights shall be respected. Information posted on the group intranet by You shall be accurate, legal and not contrary to any third party’s intellectual property rights or other rights.

9. Your obligations and your responsibilities

You are required to follow the instructions given regarding the use of the Service and to comply and comply with the Terms at any time.

You are responsible for keeping up-to-date on the messages sent and that the specified e-mail is correct.

You are responsible for the content that you publish in the Service. You are responsible for acting lawfully and professionally. You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided is not incorrect, offensive, indecent, shocking, hateful, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate.

10. Customer service, etc.

If you have any questions please contact LunchIn™ through [email protected]

In the event of reported errors in the Service, LunchIn™’s responsibility for these is limited to taking reasonable steps to rectify the error within a reasonable period of time. It’s up to LunchIn™ to judge when and how to fix the problem.

11. Limitation

LunchIn™ is not liable for any damage, to property or other, directly or indirectly, incurred as a consequence of your use of the Service or of LunchIn™’s obligations under the Agreement.

12. Limitations in service

LunchIn™ strives to always deliver as good a service as possible and reasonable efforts will be made to make the Service available and possible to use. However, from time to time, technical complications or maintenance, planned or unplanned, may result in temporary interruptions. You are not entitled to any kind of compensation due to interruptions in the Service.

13. Data Treatment

When you sign up for the Service and when using the service, personal information may be required and processed by LunchIn™. This information is processed to deliver the Service, offer support and tutoring, implement updates and improvements to the Service, send offers to you [we will not send offers but you can as a member actively enter the benefits gallery to take advantage of the offers we come to inform about in the benefits gallery but there are no direct offers] as well as in order to best fulfill our obligations to you in accordance with the Agreement. For more information about personal data processing and about your rights, see LunchIn™ s at any time valid Privacy Policy. It also contains special information about the retrieval of personal data from LinkedIn.

14. Term and termination

The agreement is valid from when you sign up for the Service and expire until termination takes place.

Termination takes place as instructed in the Service.

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